New to NA?

Are You New To NA?

If you’re new to NA, the best thing you can do is
attend an NA meeting.
There you’ll be able to discuss your drug problem with another addict, just like you. There are no cops, professionals, therapists, probation officers or any experts at NA. We’re all recovery addicts seeking a new way to live.

If you are an addict or are not really sure, give yourself a break, open your mind and do a little research. Although the term addiction may make you feel uneasy, we offer a manner of living that has freed millions of addicts world-wide from the desperation of active addiction to drugs.

You may already be thinking: “Yes, but” or “What if?” However, even if you have doubts, you can use these simple suggestions for starters:

  • Attend as many NA meetings as you can
  • Get phone numbers from recovery addiction in NA — Call these numbers regularly, especially if you want to use
  • Ask someone to sponsor you, which means they help you through the 12 steps of NA
  • Get Involved in service
  • Get the NA Basic Text — And read it

Narcotics Anonymous Literature Available On-Line

Informational Pamphlets

IP # 1 – Who, What, How, and Why
IP # 2 – The Group

IP # 5 — Another Look
IP # 6 – Recovery and Relapse

IP # 7 — Am I an Addict?

IP # 8 – Just for Today

IP # 9 – Living the Program

IP # 10 – Working Step Four in NA

IP # 11 – Sponsorship, Revised

IP # 12 – The Triangle of Self-Obsession

IP # 13 — By Young Addicts for Young Addicts
IP # 14 – One Addict‘s Experience…

IP # 15 — PI and the NA Member

IP # 16 — For the Newcomer

IP # 17 – For Those in Treatment

IP # 19 – Self-Acceptance

IP # 20 – H & I Service & the NA Member

IP # 21 – The Loner – Staying Clean in Isolation
IP # 22 – Welcome to NA

IP # 23 – Staying Clean on the Outside

IP # 24 – Hey! What‘s the Basket For?

IP # 25 – Self-Support: Principle & Practice
IP # 26 – Accessibility For Those with Additional Needs

IP # 27 – For Parent or Guardians of Young People in NA


Narcotics Anonymous – Little White Booklet

The Group Booklet

Twelve Concepts for NA Service

Introductory Guide to NA, Revised
Behind the Walls

In Times of Illness

NA: A Resource in Your Community, 2008 Version

Group Readings

Who Is an Addict?

What Is the NA Program?

Why Are We Here?

How It Works
The Twelve Traditions of NA

Just for Today
We Do Recover


Contact Us Today or Call an Addict:

Area Help Lines: Phone Number:
Mile High (Denver Metro) Area (303) 832-DRUG | (303) 832-3784
Boulder Area (303) 412-2884
Pikes Peak (Colo. Springs & SE Colo.) Area (719) 637-1580
Off The Wall (Northern Front Range) Area (970) 282-8079
Grand Junction, Western Colo. & SE Utah (970) 201-1133
Eastern Colo. (Sterling & Yuma) (970) 458-5081
Mountain West (Central Mountains) Area 970-306-6535